Our Ethos

Mission Statement

Our message is short and succinct:

At Why Do Horses, the focus is on bringing science-based information to the everyday equestrian.

Our pro-positive, ethical approach is down-to-earth.

Priding ourselves on providing straight-forward training and education, we call it: Equine Science, simply applied.

Our Values

At Why Do Horses, we follow a certain set of values.

We've built these values into our business - from the way we operate to how we treat our clients.

Our values are important to us - they define who we are and what we want to achieve.

  • Honesty - We're straight talking and genuine. We believe in transparency in business and doing what's right for the horse-human partnership

  • Quality - We aim high when it comes to producing quality products and resources

  • Knowledge - We're forever working to develop our knowledge and skill set

  • Creativity - We believe in being creative and channel this into all aspects of the business

  • Growth - Whether we're taking on new clients, exploring new pathways or developing existing services, Why Do Horses is ever-evolving

Our Approach

At Why Do Horses, we believe in taking a Pro-Positive approach to training and horse-human interactions. This means that we actively promote reward-based training and support those crossing-over into this field. We are empathetic towards horses and their humans, putting the horse-human relationship at the heart of everything we do. We are proactive in supporting the wellbeing of all of our clients, whether they have four legs or two. We are champions for good mental health and work to create an environment where horses and humans can thrive together. We do this through our provision of ethical training materials, our focus on enrichment and the development of equine behaviour resources.


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