Why Do Horses is a family-run business, covering Berkshire and surrounding counties. You can find out more about us here.

Professionalism you can trust.

As someone who strives to remain at the forefront of the training industry, Louise completes extensive CPD each year to further her knowledge and craft her skill set, going way above and beyond the requirements.


As a UKCC Qualified Equestrian Coach, Louise creates well-structured sessions which promote progression and create confidence


Louise is an Equine Training Instructor registered with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC-ATI), as well as a Fear Free Certified Professional.


We value our clients safety and wellbeing and so we have comprehensive insurance cover in place.

What Do We Stand For?

Modern, ethical techniques

We believe in using modern training techniques, with coaching practices that are based on current evidence regarding horse behaviour and learning. Adopting the 'Equitation Science Training Principles' which promotes optimal welfare of horses in training, we focus on applying equine behaviour science in everyday horse training and management.

As a company, we are pro-positive and predominantly use positive reinforcement (reward-based) training whilst remaining committed to the Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA) approach. Whilst actively promoting the use of reward-based training, we also work with clients who use pressure and release (negative reinforcement) and those crossing-over into reward-based training.

Client-centred, horse-focused

We work in a client-centred, horse-focused manner which places the horse-human relationship at the heart of training. By safeguarding the relationship and using modern training techniques, we can enhance that partnership and strengthen the bond between you and your horse.

Who Are We?

Louise: Director of Training and Behaviour

When it comes to Training and Consultations, it is Louise that you'll meet out and about working directly with horses and their humans. As a Certified Equine Training Instructor (ABTC-ATI), Louise delivers one-to-one coaching sessions across Berkshire and surrounding counties.

Louise has worked in the equine industry, both in the UK and in France. Aside from coaching and consulting, Louise is also a Brand Ambassador for EquiScholars. EquiScholars is a fantastic curriculum-based activity programme for children and young people which centres around teaching youngsters about horse behaviour and welfare in a fun, dynamic way.

Louise has contributed to various equestrian magazines, communicating current research on behaviour and welfare. Her articles have featured in Everything Horse, Equestrian Life and HorseMart.

Louise is a keen supporter of TREC and Endurance. She initially developed a passion for TREC whilst working in France, having had the opportunity to compete across the beautiful Rhône-Alpes region. As a TREC Judge, Louise has judged at National and International Level, both in the UK and abroad. She has developed a well-rounded experience in TREC, having also organised Winter Series Indoor TREC competitions. As an Endurance supporter, Louise has volunteered and crewed at various levels, including FEI. In 2014, she gained the UKCC Level 2 Coaching qualification with a specialism in Endurance.

A former volunteer for the British Horse Society, Louise served 5 years as County Communications Officer for BHS Nottinghamshire, before moving south. She has also volunteered for Riding for the Disabled. Now settled in Berkshire, Louise supports local animal charities in a variety of ways.

Louise's Qualifications & Affiliations

  • MSc Equine Health & Welfare

  • BSc Equine Studies

  • UKCC Level 2 in Equestrian Coaching with a specialism in Endurance

  • Diploma in Equine Training and Coaching

  • Level 3 Award in Education & Training

  • Member of Royal Society of Biology

  • ABTC Registered Animal Training Instructor

  • Fear Free Certified Professional

  • Member of International Equine Professionals

  • Academic Member of International Society for Equitation Science

  • Associate Member of Association of British Science Writers

Andrew: Director of Behind The Scenes

Passionate about exploring the Great Outdoors, Andrew is an avid hillwalker. When he's not half-way up a mountain, Andrew can be found in the office at Why Do Horses HQ taking care of various admin tasks.

Andrew's love of horses stemmed from becoming involved in the everyday care of Louise's Welsh Cob, Cardi. Drawn by their versatility, Andrew developed a real soft spot for cobs and heavy horses.

Coupled with his love for dogs, Andrew is a committed member of the reward-based training community, applying this ethos daily in his care of Lester.

Lester: Wellbeing Champion

Lester was appointed Wellbeing Champion owing to his eternal optimism and zest for life. Priding himself on having an appetite for anything (literally!), Lester promotes the wellbeing of the team through country walks and plenty of cuddles.

Lester heads up the Meet & Greet Team, front of house. In his spare time, Lester enjoys lots of sniffing, swimming and digging holes.

What do clients say?

Amy D

We had an intro session on clicker training with Louise, it was fabulous, very informative. After reading up about clicker training and getting a bit confused with all the different approaches, Louise made it very clear and explained it all thoroughly.

Eiddwen S

I contacted Why Do Horses for help with issues I was having travelling my horse. During our sessions I found myself wanting to learn more about equine behaviour and body language and I have realised I was missing a lot of knowledge. Why Do Horses have changed my entire outlook on horse training and behaviour, this is something for which I will be forever grateful!


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