The Happy Horse Wellbeing Course

Are you looking for a happier horse? Then you're in the right place. Whether you're new to enrichment and behavioural wellbeing or you're just starting to explore some ideas, this introductory course has something to offer you.

Learn how to use horse behaviour science to make simple additions (known as enrichments) to your horse's environment in a way that mimics the horse's natural habitat, so you can expand the range of behaviours they can engage in. By doing so, you can help improve their psychological wellbeing and enhance physical health.

The Happy Horse Wellbeing Course covers: horse behaviour; types of enrichment; the science behind enrichment; assessing the needs of horses; how to design a balanced enrichment plan; enrichment safety and more!

With 12 lessons across 3 modules, the course offers starter videos to introduce each topic, easy-to-read text that covers the background theory; downloadable worksheets and a quizzes to consolidate learning.

At only £29, this comprehensive introductory course represents excellent value for money. Click on the link below to find out for yourself!

Prep For Success In 5 Simple Steps!

Whether you're new to horse training or you've been doing it for decades, this short, online and on-demand course has something to offer you.

Learn how to set up a great training environment for you and your horse, delve into equine body language and get to grips with the concept of shaping, plus load more!

Each lesson provides a step towards training success. With videos, text and downloadable sheets packed with further information, this course offers learners evidence-based information in an easy to read format.

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